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17th Oct 2016

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No.5 「Essential oil story(DVD)」

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No.4 「Aromatherapy & pollinosis

No.3 「Aromatherapy & hangover

No.2 「Aromatherapy & swelling

No.1 「Aromatherapy & influenza

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Yokohama Aromatherapy Salon

PADMA Healing Arts

1, Okano, Nishi-Ward, Yokohama-city, Kanagawa-prefecture

seven minutes on foot from south-west entrance of Yokohama station, four minutes from Hiranumabashi station,

and within walking distance from Shintakashima and Takashima-cho.

business hours:

11:00~21:00 Friday~Monday

14:30~21:00 Tuesday~Thursday



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