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​About Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is the naturopathy that enhances well being, relieves stress and helps in the rejuvenation and regeneration of the human body by using essential oils.

In Europe and America, it's useful for alternative therapies at hospitals. And nowadays, aromatherapy is widely accepted at beauty salon, day spa and so on.

The active ingredients of Essential oil and relaxation have your tension of joint and muscle released. And the cold, swelling, fatigue and physical condition are eased.

The circulation of the blood and lymph flow is improved, and the metabolism of your body is also by receiving the aromatherapy treatment.

No.5 「Essential oil story(DVD)」

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No.4 「Aromatherapy & pollinosis

No.3 「Aromatherapy & hangover

No.2 「Aromatherapy & swelling

No.1 「Aromatherapy & influenza

Aromatherapy magazine 
​About Essential oil

45min  ¥4,800 60min  ¥6,400

75min ¥8,000 90min ¥9,600

Essential oils are natural essence extracted from plants(flower, leaf, rind, root, resin). Each essential oil has from several dozens to hundred of ingredients, and they give our body and mind lots of good effects that brighten our feeling and warm us.


What is your favorite scent?

The favorite scent is said to reflect condition of our body and mind. The scent that is on your mind tends to tell us the condition of your body and mind. Let's also challenge the scent that isn't on your mind.

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