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Treatment for the person who hope relaxation.
The Essential oils for personal skin and physical condition are chosen, and the therapists do treatment gently and slowly using the oil.
The active ingredients of Essential oil and relaxation have your tension of joint and muscle released. And the cold, swelling, fatigue and physical condition are eased.
The circulation of the blood and lymph flow is improved, and the metabolism of your body is also by receiving the aromatherapy treatment.

45min \4,800    60min \6,400

75min \8,000 90min \9,600

Esalen bodywork is the oil treatment characterized by the meditational and gentle long fluid stroke, stretch and rocking.
This massage is also suitable for the person who like yoga, and regards the rhythm of breath as important.
This work having an effect on body, mind and spirit released your mind and the tension of body. And the new consciousness and awareness are brought up.
The therapists navigate you to the trip noticing the importance of the consciousness about "with presence".

45min \4,800    60min \6,400

75min \8,000 90min \9,600

The hot stone and cold stone are used to the treatment.
This treatment balances with among the body, mind and spirit, and is effective to improve the circulation of the blood, the stiffness in your shoulders and neck, the less strength of immunity.
I hope you will experience the powerful and delicate energy of these stones.
The jojoba oil is used in this treatment.

※There are cases in which we can't use the hot stone seeing your skin condition, and so on.
If you have the question, please contact us.

60min \6,400 75min \8,000

90min \9,600

Stone facial 80min \8,000

(Stone facial is from May to October.)

​Refresh Treatment

This treatment is effective to the sports trouble and improve the tiredness and quality of muscle.

Treatment is afferent and composed of the tapotement that stimulates the muscle. The tapotement aims at the stimulation and the activation of the muscle, and it's effective to enhance the flexibility of the muscle and the improvement of the stiffness.

It's for the person who hope to reduce the tiredness by work and sports(gym training, yoga, swimming, tennis, ballet).

45min \4,800  60min \6,400

75min \8,000 90min \9,600

Refresh Treatment description

​Maternity Aroma

For maternity.
This treatment is effective to improve the circulation of the blood, the stiffness in your shoulders and neck and swelling of the legs that the maternity usually feel. You can also feel the relaxation.

※Please consult with the doctor about this treatment and reserve with the approval of the doctor at present.
※This treatment is intended  for the person after the first trimester(the second trimester : weeks 20 to 28 of the pregnancy).

45min \4,000    60min \5,000

●Please contact by E-mail or reservation form.
(Name, phone number, menu & dates(the 1st & 2nd) you hope)

●The time of consultation before the tratment and that you change your clothes is not included in the time of the treatment you choose. Please come in having a time to spare.
●the price with taxes included
●You can only pay in cash.
●The contents of menu mentioned above aren't the medical act. Please consult with the doctor about this treatment certainly for the pregnants and the persons seeing the doctor regularly.
●You can use the shower room only after the treatment, if you hope that. Please tell us on your reservation.
●There are no cosmetics for touching up your makeup. Please bring the cosmetics you usually use.
●There are cases in which we shorten the time of the treatment you choose, or decline your reservation when you are in late for personal reasons.
●You can receive the treatment one by one.
●the price is for foreigner except Japanese.

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