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Practice for Aromatherapy yokohama PADMA

Practice & study for aromatherapist


We regularly have practice class and study for Aromatherapy for aromatherapist at PADMA Healing Arts.


We do practice to enhance the technique for aromatherapy treatment(body & facial), stretch, hot-stone massage, bodywork, lymph treatment(lymph massgae). And it's also for enhancing the satisfaction for our clients.


①the person that can accept and think the things flexibly not to be constrained by stereotypes such as experience and technique you have had ever.


②the person that mainly do the aromatherapy treatment and massage as your job.
(Please ask us in case that the person who can't work because of the child care now.)


③the person that can continuously improve together through friendly rivalry.
(We don't accept in case of only one entry. We call for the person who want to enhance your therapy and massage technique.)

follow-up to get the certificate of aromatherapy
for the students of having the class and graduates of AHR certificate of JAA, and IFA, IFPA, ITEC, INFA, CIDESCO besides AEAJ
Aromatherapy school Yokohama
●equipment included in the fee
◇massage bed(2)
◇wagon, alcohol, cotton, cotton swab
◇hot cabinet
◇herb tea
◇compact stereo(you can use your favorite CD)
◇heat mat
※Please prepare your towel or cover sheet when you use deep color oil.
●fee-charging equipment
towel, oil, disposable paper shorts

※Please ask for details when you hope.

・You can have a drink & food when you join at the class.

・Please take the trash home.

●Please contact by E-mail or reservation form.

(Name, phone number, dates(the 1st & 2nd) you hope, your profile(massage technique))

If you can't receive the mail from the salon after 24hours, please confirm whether your mail-folder can receive it from the salon. And please resend the message.

Please make good use of the page of looking for practice model.


business hours:

11:00~21:00 Monday & Friday

14:30~18:30 Tuesday &Thursday

14:30~21:00 Saturday

11:00~18:30 Sunday


seven minutes on foot from south-west entrance of Yokohama station

near Hiranumabashi, Takashima-cho, Tobe, Shintakashima, Sakuragi-cho station

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