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menu for supporting the student being job searching

The company information session for the students that will be outlook of graduation next year has started.

Let's try 30min refresh treatment as your head and mind that tend to lose the flexibility will become flexible, and your legs become to recover from your fatigue and swelling. ​

Aroma Body

It's the oil treatment of your back from shoulder to hip.

It will be refresh for your body & mind to relieve the fatigue of your back, neck, waist and hip.

back treatment 30min \3,000

option +15min +\1,500

(Please choose from the treatment of arm, decollete, belly and legs.)

Aroma foot treatment

This treatment will refresh your legs after walking and standing for a long time.

You will feel refreshed for your legs by improving the lymph flow. We will do treatment for all legs, calf and thigh.

Aroma foot treatment 30min \3,000

option +15min +\1,500

(Please choose from the treatment of legs, shoulder & back, belly, arm and the stretch of your legs.)

※This treatment isn't reflexology of the sole of the foot.

Please contact by E-mail or reservation form.

(Name, phone number, menu & dates(the 1st & 2nd) you hope)

※It's to age of 26. We confirm your student identification card when you come to the salon.​

​20th May 2016~

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