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Bust up massage yokohama PADMA

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Bust up massage

At the menu of bust up massage you receive the oil treatment of the back, stretch and bust massage.
The acupoints prompting the bust-up and metabolism around the scapula are stimulated during the oil treatment of the back.
The blood circulation is prompted by stimulating the lymph node and lacteal gland during the bust massage, and the tenseness of breast is made-up.

The lymph flow of the greater pectoral muscle, breast and underarm are prompted during the bust-up massage.

The massage of the greater pectoral muscle makes the base of your breast and prevents the drooping. The massage of the breast leads to the bust-up stimulating the lacteal gland and prompting the growing your breast. The massage of lymph of underarm makes  the flow of the lymph smooth, and prevents the drooping the breast. That leads to the bust-up.
In this way, the hormone secretion becomes active by prompting metabolism of the breast and blood circulation when you receive the bust up massage. And after the massage it's aimed that the tenseness of breast is made-up by prompting the metabolism. It's also useful for your health and diet by the effect of prompting the blood circulation, the lymph flow.

「volume of breast」
「tenseness of breast」
「lifting the top of your breast」
「lifting your drooping breast」
「making the total balance show beautifully」

The synergistic effects such as the good posture, horizontal clavicle and youthful impression also occur by that.

Please utilize the bust up massage to keep your beauty and shining.

☆bust up massage /total care
 -treatment of back(20min)
 -bust care, bust massage(20min)
for additional 10min/\500

☆bust up massage /bust focus care
 -bust care, bust massage(30min)
40min \2,000

※Please choose the menu of bust up massage(total care) for the client visiting for the first time.

Please contact by E-mail or reservation form until the day before.
(Name, phone number, time & dates(the 1st & 2nd) you hope)

●The guidance of the location of salon will be sent by E-mail after reservation.

●There is the case when our replying is delayed. Please be understanding of that.

※If you can't receive the mail from the salon after 24hours, please confirm whether your mail-folder can receive it from the salon. And please resend the message.

☆bust up massage /total care
 -treatment of back(40min)
 -bust care, bust massage(25min)
for additional 10min/\500

☆bust up massage /total care

 -treatment of back(55min)


 -bust care, bust massage(25min)


for additional 10min/\500

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