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Esalen Bodywork

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About Esalen Bodywork

Esalen bodywork is the oil treatment characterized by the meditational and gentle long fluid stroke, stretch and rocking. It was created at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. 

This massage is also suitable for the person who like yoga, and regards the rhythm of breath as important.

This work having an effect on body, mind and spirit released your mind and the tension of body. And the new consciousness and awareness are brought up.

The various elements such as sensory awareness, Feldenkrais method, Rolfing, Trager Approach, Craniosacral therapy, Yoga stretch are taken in this massage based in the swedish massage, Oriental medicine, and Gestalt psychology. Esalen is a leading center for exploring and realizing human potential through experience, education, and research, and it is going on developing.


45min ¥4,800 60min  ¥6,400

75min ¥8,000 90min ¥9,600

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